Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I've been not very active blogging since I started this blog. But now everything is going its' normal ways so that there will be more time for me to show and tell you about my adventures here in Scotland. Today you will get loads of pictures to watch from my first one and a half weeks in Aberdeen!

Seaton Park - our everyday way to the University

Aberdeen beach

King's College at sunset on the storytelling society ghost trail.

Nice small paths to even nicer cottages.

Seaton Park - here you can see a typical English lawn :)

I took the following pictures at a really nice walk to and along the beach to the city center. We have incredibly nice weather since we're here and take as many times as possible to enjoy it!

The River Don - at some days you can see seals in that river, but we weren't that lucky until now.

Yes, I was there!

Hope you had fun watching the pictures of my first week in Aberdeen!

Cheers :)

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The first photography

At the moment it's still a bit calm on my blog, mostly because of the things that have to be organised in this first week after arriving here. The photo was taken at the beach of Old Aberdeen not far from our accomodation and the University. It's just a little teaser of what will be going on here in the future. 

Cheers :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Action - Take one

So, that's my blog. I'm beyond happy to getting started with it because I thought about it so often and now there's enough to share with all of you:

I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland now and on this way I want to take the chance to recapulate my new experiences. Today it is my fourth day here. The last days there was so much to organise so that I'm really tired most of the time. That's why this shall be just a short post to say "HI" to you. In the next days I will spend more time writing here and there will also be photos of my new home for the next three months.

The only thing that is left is to say

Bye or Cheers (yes, the people here use it for everything)