Sunday, 4 March 2012

Always on sundays

Seen Big Mama's House 2
Read Helene Turst “Die Tote im Keller”, InStyle, Fräulein
Heard Zaz, BossHoss, Ellie Goulding
Done some DIY projects, signed the contract for my new job
Eaten lemon pie, curry sausage
Drunk coffee, coke, water
Thought about next semester, my new job, about my blog
Been happy about the signed contract
Annoyed about the Bafög system (German financial support for students)
Wished nothing special 
Bought an absolute nice blazer from Only and this cool watch
Clicked DIY blogs, 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Always on sundays

Seen Monsters vs. Aliens
Read Cassandra Clare “City of Glass”
Heard Zaz “Je veux”
Done a job interview
Eaten selfmade apple strudel
Drunk cappuccino
Thought if maybe I get the new job.
Been happy about the new job :)!!
Annoyed about some German behaviour.
Wished to get this blazer (still do).
Bought nothing special, have to save my money :(...
Clicked recipes, blogs, youtube

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Always on sundays

Hi loves,

for you to see what was going on in my life this week :). 

Seen "Island of Adventure" Enid Blyton
Read Emmy von Rhoden “Der Trotzkopf”
Heard Bruno Mars “Marry you”
Done  a lot of exam preparation
Eaten stuffed courgettes
Drunk wine.
Thought about the exams :(
Been happy about a nice and cheap shopping result :)
Annoyed about an unfair grade in university
Wished to pass the exams
Bought a pullover at H&M and some stuff at Primark
Clicked sparknotes, my favourite blogs

The next two days I have both exams and then my time in Aberdeen is almost at its end.

See ya!

Monday, 16 January 2012

A little paradise

Hi loves,

it's me again. Sleep won't come tonight so I decided to write about the most special and beautiful place we've been during our stay here at Schotland. A few kilometres outside of Aberdeen you find a litte (not very remarkably) town called Balmedie which lies at the most wonderful beaches I know so far (who would've expected that we would find in the UK)! We arrived at Balmedie Beach in the afternoon so that the light was gorgeous because it was almost sunset. It's not possible to describe it so get ready for lots of pictures:

Good night (hopefully), lovelies!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Always on sundays

Hi loves,

today I wanted to start something new on my blog which I've seen over at the blog Innen & Außen by Paddy and Me. It was a few month ago that I started to read their blog and besides the really good stuff about make-up and a bit fashion I love this sunday category. So I hope you will also like it! 

Seen Psych
Read The Awakening by Kate Chopin and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare
Heard Ellie Goulding "Bright Lights" <3
Done a long walk at the beach and visited the Maritime Museum of Aberdeen
Eaten Pink cupcakes
Drunk Cider + Tea
Thought about the exams :(
Been happy about the long walk at the beach.
Annoyed about myself.
Wished that my sister finds a flat.
Bought nothing because I have to save my money :(...
Clicked my favourite blogs

Good night, lovelies!!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

It's Pub-Time

Hey there,

Aberdeen has lots of pubs, clubs and lounges as many student cities do. I'm more the kind of girl who likes to chill out in cozy pubs with some good music, nice people and tasty cider. So I thought why not showing you my favourite pub - the Slains Castle. It's situated in an old church that looks kinda like a castle haunted by ghosts and inside it the also designed it like that. Unfortunately because of the dark in there the pictures might be a bit bad but I hope it's okay for a little peep.

Dr. Frankenstein's bureau?

Also Dracula is there.

As well as Freddie.

"The earth witch" cauldron.

Nice little pets in frames ;).

Wish you all a very nice sleep :-P!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

It's pink!!

Hi loves,

unfortunately I couldn't manage to take 12 photos of this day so that there is no 12 of 12 on my blog (I'm sad myself). The reason was that most of the day I was reading the same book which I need for my exam preparation - not very interesting to take more than one photo of that! But Steffi and I searched for some distraction this afternoon and decided to bake some rasperry & vanilla cupcakes (it was a baking mix). Here are some pictures for you:

Little princess' dreams come true!

Waiting for the cupcakes to get ready...

... and the finished rasperry-vanilla cupcakes!! They are sooooo damn cute!

Because food is always a good thing to talk about, here's what we ate for dinner:

Send you some pink princess' dreams!

I'm back

Hey lovelies,

I'm so sorry for being too lazy and chaotic to write any new blog entry. The last one was exactly one month ago so that I feel quite ashamed :(. I really try to change that for the future!

I was at home in Germany for 3 weeks and all startet with a big surprise for my parents because Steffi and I made it back home one day earlier than planned before. Those faces when I arrived... fantastic! The week before christmas was kind of busy with all kinds of preparations - my all-time favourite is wrapping presents. Mostly I put a lot of effort in it and have fun making them as nice as possible - I don't mind that they are ripped open too fast, I mean it's for the beauty under the christmas tree, no?

I also did some handcraft stuff like this star:

Christmas itself was wonderful and hilarious. We met with the whole family, had lots of fun, very good food and all were in a perfect mood. Christmas in my family is all about being together, laughing, cuddling, being loud and chaotic - exactly the way it has to be for me!!

This year I got a bunch of presents from my wishlist. One was an iPod nano touch which needed a selfmade little bag as protection:

Sorry for the bad photo quality but it was very difficult to get a good one done.

During the time at home I met my most important friends and had perfect times with them. Often you don't really know who or what is important but when you were away for quite a long time you appreciate people who really deserve your friendship and love!

Last but not least it was my birthday last week which my darling, my sister and I started at a small bistro having a delicious breakfast. In the afternoon we were lazy. The day ended with a good dinner together with my sister, playing Wii and laughing a lot!

My birthday dinner:

I hope you liked those few impressions from my time at home. Last sunday we returned to Aberdeen, we have to study for the exams in two weeks and at the end of this month I'll be back at Germany!

Today's also 12 of 12 which means there will be a second blog entry!!!

See ya later, lovelies!