Sunday, 13 November 2011

Two Sundays but different

Last Sunday we had such a good weather that Steffi and I took a walk into the city center along the beach. It was such a good thing after a full week of essay writing. We saw a seal swimming in the River Don but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of it :(. Hope I get some next time!! However the walk was completely relaxing and fantastic. But see for yourself!

Today our Sunday was more calm and relaxed. I suffer from a heavy cold and feel very exhausted by everything I do. Nevertheless we baked some scones - I got the idea from here and the recipe from here - and invited a few friends for tea so that it was also a nice day!! The scones were soooo yummiiiiiie!!

Hope you had fun watching those pictures and I wish you a good start into a new week!

See ya, loves!

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