Thursday, 12 January 2012

It's pink!!

Hi loves,

unfortunately I couldn't manage to take 12 photos of this day so that there is no 12 of 12 on my blog (I'm sad myself). The reason was that most of the day I was reading the same book which I need for my exam preparation - not very interesting to take more than one photo of that! But Steffi and I searched for some distraction this afternoon and decided to bake some rasperry & vanilla cupcakes (it was a baking mix). Here are some pictures for you:

Little princess' dreams come true!

Waiting for the cupcakes to get ready...

... and the finished rasperry-vanilla cupcakes!! They are sooooo damn cute!

Because food is always a good thing to talk about, here's what we ate for dinner:

Send you some pink princess' dreams!

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