Sunday, 4 December 2011

Isle of Skye II

I'm a really bad blog mommy but lately I haven't been able to manage my time efficiently. Unfortunately this also affected my blogging time. But now I'm back and I hope I will manage my time better in the future.

Today I will show a bunch of photos from our second day at the Isle of Skye. It was such a rainy day that most of them look really grey and sad but nevertheless the nature and landscape of this island is incredible wonderful as you will hopefully see. It was also kind of funny because Steffi and I became so wet that we had to change our trousers (the only one we had with us) to tights so that they could dry. We did it in the back of the car and laughed a lot about the stylish look afterwards :). Now I hope you have fun watching the pictures we took!!

Most of the time we drove on very small paths but I had fun driving there when it was my time to be the chauffeur :).

Due to the rain we decided to visit a Whisky Distillery. It was very interesting although I don't like Whisky.

Everywhere on the Island you find cliffs and waterfalls. 


A typical picture of Skye: Sheep on the road...

... or even Highland cattle...

... and sometimes also hens ;).

Because of the clouds those mountains look like volcanos but they aren't.

Exploring cliffs at the very end of the little Isle. 

Despite the rain it was a very impressive day on the Isle of Skye and it's really worth too see.

See you later, loves!!

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