Thursday, 8 December 2011

Isle of Skye III

While the wind is blowing really hard outside I decided to make my last post about our Isle of Skye Trip. On the last day, which was also the day when we went back to Aberdeen, we decided to drive a bit over the island and then go back to the main land to visit Eilean Donan Castle. The weather was slightly better than the other day so that we could take a few more nice pictures of this impressive landscape but see yourself:

Those two pictures above show the view out of the dining room in the hostel - nice, isn't it?

That's a good example for how the people live on the Isle - often very far away from any kind of civilization. But I love the red houses between the trees. 

Made me feel like being in the wild west :)!

That was the last picture of the Isle of Skye. The next ones gonna be at the main land again. It was a nice weekend there, I really enjoyed the landscape, the people and even the rain made it kind of special. 

Eilean Donan Castle

The Secret Chamber - Steffi and I were alowed to enter because one guide let us in :).

Bye, Bye, it was a nice weekend!

See ya, loves!

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