Monday, 12 December 2011

12 of 12 (December)

One of my favourite posts to read on other blogs as I told you before - 12 of 12. Last month I didn't manage to participate in it but this time I really wanted to. Unfortunately I was completely busy today and the day started with me forgetting that it is the 12th. I was on my way to University when I remembered it and as it was already mid-day I decided to do kind of a special 12 of 12 today. The following twelve pictures are from my walk to University and, as you will see, it was a wonderful day with quite a lot of wonderful impressions.

It was sunny but (brrrr) cold!

This time I didn't take the way through the park. This picture reminds me of an advertisement for a vacation or something like that. 

I like those little houses that remember me of old Miss Marple films!

I think that's really a door a bishop should walk through.

No words - just amazing.

I felt being watched while taking photos of their neighbourhood - creepy ;).

I wished that was my house - isn't it beautiful?!

You can see quite a few of houses like that and I always ask myself who is living in there.

This was the street I took, it always looks exactly like in the middle ages. You should see that at night!

The Old Town House

Also Scottish cats like looking out of the window. 

The last nice impression of that walk - I almost arrived at University!

I hope you had fun taking a walk with me!!

See ya, my lovelies!

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