Saturday, 29 October 2011

Athens of the North

After a long and slightly chaotic week I take a short rest from my essay work to show you the pictures of our trip to Edinburgh. I can tell you, I fell in love with this city in the first second I saw it! I don't know why but it has such a charm and the mixture of old and modern was fantastic!! Steffi, my sister Laura (when she comes to visit me - yeah!!!!) and I will go again to the so-called Athens of the North on a one-night trip and I'm really looking forward to it! Now enjoy this bunch of photos!

Everywhere you could see wonderful buildings!

View to the old part of the city.

Entrance to a lovely park in the middle of the city.

One way into the old town.

Not the first we saw but one of the best lookin :).

I love special entrances and paths, as you will see on more than one picture!

Honour to whom honour is due ;-)!

Short glimpse on the castle.

That's how pubs can look like.

That's the entrance to a (Rock) House = love.

The Royal bank of Scotland. 

A last view over the city!

I hope you enjoyed this pictures as much as I did taking them in such a beautiful place!!

See ya, loves!

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