Friday, 7 October 2011

Baked Friday

This time I have a slightly different post for you. After our weekly shopping tour to Lidl, where we buy all our food and stuff, we baked an apple pie (and tried it directly) and it is sooooo yummmmmiieee!!!! Check it out yourself:

You need: 250 g butter, 250 g sugar, 350 g flour, 5 eggs, 1 package baking-powder, 1 package vanilla sugar + 1,5 kg apple (in slices)

Mix everything.

In the end everything can be filled in a greased baking tray.

After 25 minutes in the oven (baked at 200 degrees) it looks soooo good and it tastes even better :).

And while I prepared everything for the pie, Stephanie baked this for us (synchronized baking): 

It's a sunflower bread. We haven't tried it yet but I think it will be also very good!

Hope you had fun watching this different post! Tomorrow we are going to Loch Ness with the International Society of our University. We leave very early in the morning and will be away for the whole day so we need lunch packages - I think they will be very good with all this tasty stuff in them!! I promise to take many many pictures at Loch Ness to share them with you.


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