Monday, 3 October 2011

Dunnottar Castle II

Today you get to see the second part of Steffi's and my adventure at Dunnottar Castle. Okay, I must admit that we didn't see any mighty and strong knights or beautiful ladys in long dresses but the place (and also the way to it) and the history of the castle were so impressing and adorable that it felt a bit like a little adventure. Through history there had been many important persons on Dunnottar Castle, some of you may know William Wallace, Mary Queen of Scots or Charles II. It is also remarkable that it was at this Castle where the Scottish Crown Jewels were saved during Cromwell's reign. But enough of historical facts, I will take you onto another trip, this time to Dunnottar Castle itself. Have fun!

From there it was just a one minute walk to the entrance!

The entrance!!

Yeah, we're at the right place :). 

Maybe William Wallace stood exactly on the same place with the same view!?

They had the most exciting view from out of their windows - one of my favorite pics!

And again a really beautiful view!

Not that easy to imagine someone living here... 

Typical winding-stairs.

Fail :): Progress has also taken over this small and isolated piece of land. 

I like this little tower. Had there been a window it could have been Rapunzels'!

We were wondering if it is a well or a swimming-pool.

I can tell you, it was not at least comfortable in there!

Proof that it is built exactly at the cliffs. 

The rest of the Castles' Chapel. 

Next I show you a few more pictures of this absolutly impressing view! 


I hope you enjoyed the short trip with me to Dunnottar Castle!
I can say, that it was a really beautifull and impressing day there and at the end we knew why it was one of the (or maybe THE) safest Castles in the UK :)!


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