Monday, 24 October 2011

Sunny day

Sorry for not blogging last week but I was a bit stressed out. Steffi and I went to the city for shopping, to the Aberdeen sports village for getting a membership for the gym (it's a really fantastic sports studio with lots of facilities) and made trips to Edinburgh for one day and to the Isle of Skye for three days. I will tell and show you more about those trips in my next postings. Today I'm going to show you what we did on the last incredible sunny and nice day since then: We took the bus to the Aberdeen harbour and made a walk along the coast to the Lighthouse. The view was absolutely wonderful and we had a great time watching ships and strolling over little cliffs. But the most sensational, incredible, inspiring and greatest thing ever was to see Dolphins playing in the sun!! I've never seen a Dolphin before and it was so beautiful to see how they were jumping out of the water and to get the feeling that they had real fun at that day. Unfortunately I can just tell you of that wonderful experience because they were too far away for taking a good picture but I think otherwise it would not be possible to show the fascination of this moment on a picture.
Nonetheless I will show you a few other beautiful pictures of that day!! Have fun watching them!

Almost there!

The view into the harbour.

It looks like a little old lighthouse!!

Welcome back!

Those paths run directly along the sea with a beautiful view.

The modern and bigger Lighthouse of Aberdeen.

Resting on a cliff + watching the waves = priceless!!

Way back :(

Even such wonderful days have an end...

See ya, loves!

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