Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dunnottar Castle I

On Friday Steffi and I went to the small town Stonehaven to visit the ruin of Dunnottar Castle. It is a few miles south of Aberdeen and situated at one of the most impressing landscapes I've ever seen in my life 'till now! 

We went there by train, which was itself very nice. On the one hand because of the comfortable and clean trains and on the other because of the nice view at the sea during the journey. From the railway station in Stonehaven we had to walk at least 3 miles to the castle but it felt like being 8 or 10 because of an up-and-down way on the very beautiful and impressing cliffs. Before taking our way to the castle we stopped at the beach in Stonehaven to have a short lunch and another stop at the small harbour to take pictures of it. After that we had to make a walk to the top of the first cliffs and from there we went on really small ways along the coastline to our main destination - Dunnottar Castle. I don't know how long it took us, but it felt like hours because of taking a lot of pictures, the change of sweating and freezing because of the harsh wind and the many up-and-downs we had to pass. But the view we had was absolutly worth it!

We took so many pictures that I will split the post in, I think, two parts (maybe three) to show you most of it. In this post I will show you our way to the castle. Have fun watching it!

Small little railway stations, seems we were in a time-machine and landed in the year 1900.

A small church on Stonehaven's market place.


Arriving at the beach - first thing to do: Taking photos!


The small white dots on the sea are seagulls.

Yes, we did it :)!

Our lunch package: Self-made apple pancakes, yummie!


Stonehaven harbour in the sun.

It was so cute laying in a safe bay, with typical houses, fishing boats and a few yachts.

Small paths - to the left deep cliffs, to the right fields and the first sight of the castle!

Without words, absolutely impressing!

 Can you see Jack Sparrow?


Yeah, it's not that far away anymore!!

Hope you enjoyed this little trip with me. I will show you more an Monday!


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