Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Loch Ness I - Inverness

As I've told you on my Baked Friday post we went to Loch Ness on Saturday. The trip was organised by the International Society of our University and we started very early in the morning with three buses to our first stop in Inverness, the Capital City of the Highlands. Inverness is a small town lying at the river Ness and not far away from Loch Ness. We just had a very short time there, so the only thing we really saw was the nice Victorian market. Afterwards we visited Urquhart Castle which is situated at the shore of Loch Ness and from there we made a short Boattrip on the Loch. Sorry to say, but there is absolutely nothing special about this lake except for its legend. It is sad that everything is made up to impress the tourists. Many forget the landscape around it which is really beautiful. It was nice to see it but I think it lost its natural charme. But I don't want to complain and instead show you a few pictures. In this post I will focus on Inverness otherwise it would be to many photos. Hope you enjoy watching them!

Inverness Castle

The view on St. Andrews Cathedral.

The really nice Victorian market, we all felt like being in a Christmas town :).

Such nice old pictures were above every store in the market. 

An absolutely beautiful entrance of a Jeweller.

And we WERE in Christmas town!

Finally a different view on Inverness Castle.


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